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Nobeoka Japan

A Visit with My Mother, Eleanor Ahner December 2008
"Our desire is to share this blessing equally with all people,
You believe in the Lotus Sutra without concern for the prying eyes of others...
He wants to teach English at Midorigaoka Kouminkan in Nobeoka Castle Town!
They speak English at Miruku Houikuen in Idekita Village, Nobeoka Shi, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu!
They even spoke English to me at a Uniqlo Store in Idekita, Nobeoka!
I spoke a little English to a waitress at Kandagawa Restaurant in Midorigaoka, Nobeoka!
Most of the staff at UFO Sawabe in downtown Nobeoka are eager to speak English!
An owner of a shop on Yamashita Street, Nobeoka couldn't stop speaking English to me!
While shopping at "New City" Jusco, Nobeoka through the years, many people have spoken English to me
Some have said that even Bokusui spoke a little English in Nobeoka!
I often speak English to the waitress and some of the customers at Koyou Restaurant in Nobeoka!
My daughter spoke English on top of Mukabaki Mountain just a way from Nobeoka city.
I met some people in front of Hotel A&A Nobeoka and they could speak English!
Of course, many times I have spoken English at Bunka Center, Nobeoka! Many times!!!
And, I have spoken English while using my keitai, celluler phone, so, so many times!
English Japan
"This was my first apartment building in 1989, April, ugh...when I came to Japan."
"These pictures were taken from the top of the Jusco, Nobeoka building."
"As you can see, Taku Taku Ramen is closed AGAIN, today. It's always closed on Monday."
"I would like to buy this building in Midorigaoka, Nobeoka."
"Someday soon, I will teach English at this Midorigaoka Community Center, Kouminkan."
"These pictures were taken while driving through Nobeoka City."
Study English Kadogawa
"Here are some more pictures...while driving through Nobeoka City."
"And finally, here are some pictures...towards the Southern part of Nobeoka."
They speak English on top of the Jusco Department store in Nobeoka!
Miruku Houikuen
"Probably, the Lo or UniqLo stands for 'Low' prices."
"The Game Center is closed on Saturday, eary mornings."
Ramen Ginza
They Study English in Nobeoka
"Probably, Shirius stands for Serious 'pachinko players'?"
"My wife and daughter ate there for lunch."
"There's a new ramen shop in Nobeoka!"
"You can get movie dvds, music cds, and comic books here at GEO, Nobeoka."
"The old Chalon Restaurant is now a rotary-sushi shop."
"Some people get sensitive when you talk about this hospital in Midorigaoka, Nobeoka."
"I am wondering how long 'Right-On' can hold out." (Stay in business)
"The old Bunka Center in Nobeoka looks kind of plain."
High School baseball
"I think they call this Gion Machi, Nobeoka."
"We often meet in front of A&A Hotel, Nobeoka to go drinking."
"Koyou Restaurant is my favorite restaurant. I love their Katsukare."
They Study English in Hyuga City
"This is Sun Road, Nobeoka on a rainy evening."
"A music festival at Urusula Junior College."
"You can rent a stage at Kazu Music House."
"They say that Bokusui is famous for his poetry."
"Jusco, Nobeoka, the last department store in Nobeoka."
"Yamashita Douri or Arcade used to be the place to go."
They Study English on Yamashita Douri, Nobeoka
"This is just before UFO opened..."
"Saigo Takamori Museum is easy to miss as you drive North out of Nobeoka."
"We got married at Gokase Hotel, but now it's a rest home for the elderly."
Nobeoka High School (Gakkou)
They speak English at a hospital in Idekita Cho, Nobeoka!


I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Unicycle Club

Keiko's Younger Days


Dental Assistants

Mukabaki Nobeoka

Gokase Home

Yamashita Douri Nobeoka

Bokusui Monument

Meet Me in Front of A and A Hotel, Nobeoka

The Old Chalon, Now a Kandagawa Restaurant


Midorigaoka Apartment 1989


I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo